St Teresa’s Judo Session

St. Teresa’s school had a judo session with Judo Dan.  He told us to go and get a judo jacket and stand on the white line on the border of the mat; this is where we listened to Dan explain the rules of judo.  We tested out different ways to get across the mat including: the spider, the worm and the sit up.

After that, we played a game of stuck in the mud.  Once we had finished the game Dan told us to go back to the white line.  He showed us how to throw ourselves on our back.  Once we had finished that we were told to pick a partner and sit back to back and we had to pin the person down on their back for ten seconds.  Finally, he told us about judo including what you can win: trophies, medals and belts.



Class 8’S Latest Trip To Vindolanda!

Recently, class 8 went for a trip to the Roman wall museum and Vindolanda to find out more about the Celts and Romans.  On the way to Vindolanda, we sat in partners on the coach for 2 hours!  During the ride on the coach, we saw loads of houses and fields.  We even caught a quick glimpse of Hadrian’s Wall!

When we arrived, we looked around the museum and watched a quick movie about Vindolanda.  After that, we went to the classroom where a Roman teacher told us about life back then and the Roman invasion.  Then, it was time to eat our lunch.  Funnily enough, we had to sit on giant bin bags due to the fact that the benches were damp.

Once we had finished lunch, it was time to move to Vindolanda.  There were loads of hills so it wasn’t a smooth ride.  Eventually, we got there in time for the chat with the archaeologist named Martha.  Martha showed us some things they have discovered in the past year: a cow’s shoulder blade, hooks and a shoe.  Then, Martha told us about Vindolanda and the buildings there.

When that was done, we went to explore around Vindolanda.  About 10 minutes later, Mr. Duffy called us over and walked us to the mini museum where we spent our money.

That was the end of our lovely trip.

Vindolanda 1  Vindolanda 2  Vindolanda 3  Vindolanda 4


ANOTHER win for the boy’s school football team!



JRSO Report

Today our road safety officers teamed up with our local constable to remind parents and carers of the danger of speeding next to a school.  It was a huge success as everyone slowed down when they saw our super team! Well done to all involved for keeping our children safe.

Road Safety 1  Road Safety 2  Road Safety 3