After School and Lunchtime Intervention Clubs and Groups

We run a number of invitation after-school and lunchtime intervention clubs and groups. These can be small tuition groups or larger class or year groups.

We offer:

Lexia – Lexia is an on-line reading support programme. Lexia helps children to work independently to develop their critical reading skills through individualised, motivating learning paths. All children can work at their own pace with the programme providing a level of scaffolding and explicit instruction where needed.

Times Tables Club - In this intervention group, children have the opportunity to further practice and learn their times tables. Children play fun games, complete short tasks and use ‘Time Tables Rock Stars’ to further consolidate their times tables knowledge and understanding.

Key Stage One Tuition – We offer small group tuition and catch-up interventions in key English and maths skills.

Year Six Catch-Up – We offer a number of sessions over lunchtimes to help children catch-up on basic skills, calculations and application in maths.